Assistance With Estate Planning And Appellate Needs

Estate planning is a topic many people would like to avoid. But wanting to avoid it won't make it any less important. One day, you will need an estate plan. Or your family will wish you had created one. Estate plans are not reserved for the exclusive use of the elderly or the wealthy. If you have children, you should have an estate plan.

What If I Don't Have An Estate Plan?

If you don't, Texas has created one for you. Maybe it will work out. Or maybe not. Once it needs to be used, it will be too late to change anything. The better plan is to take the time now, when there is no crisis, and sit down with our attorney at The Law Office of Carrie T. Schilling and create a plan that meets your needs.

Civil Appeals

Carrie Shilling is also an experienced appellate attorney. An appeal of a case is very different from a trial. Deciding on an appeal is a complex matter. You do not get to "retry" your original case. On appeal, the higher court is only looking at the brief submitted and the record of the lower court.

Your attorney must make compelling arguments regarding decisions of the lower court, particularly if you are urging the appeals court to reverse those decisions. Our attorney is well-qualified to review your trial, its outcome and explain your options and potential strategies for an appeal.