The essence of estate planning is planning. This is never easy, as it demands understanding the current law, the needs and goals of the client, and the changes that both may experience in the future. You want a plan that is flexible but that always meets your needs for your current situation.

Estate Planning And Appellate Experience

At The Law Office of Carrie T. Schilling, our attorney understands this. In addition to more than a decade of estate planning and probate experience, Carrie T. Shilling has done much civil appeals work. The significance is that successful appellate work also demands skilled planning, as the attorney must meticulously examine the trial record and the lower court's decisions and explain why the appeals court should change those decisions.

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Personalized And Experienced Estate Planning

Our lawyer uses her training and experience to discuss what your goals for an estate plan may be. We then explain the various options you have and how the law, both in Texas and at the federal level, treat the different assets or property you have. We also provide advice and counsel for the future, noting trends in court decisions, IRS guidance or potential legislative changes.

We Help You Keep Your Plan Up-To-Date

We can't predict the future, but we can help you create an estate plan that recognizes change is inevitable and builds in features that will allow it to easily adapt. Because some parts of an estate plan may not be needed for decades, it is important to regularly update your plan as time passes.

Major life events, like the birth of children, marriage or divorce, or a sudden change in your health may necessitate a revision to your plan. Our attorney will work with you to regularly schedule meetings to help keep your plan current and help with meeting your goals.

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It's important to have a complete estate plan, including a will. Our lawyer can help you determine the details of you plan. Call our Southlake office at 817-997-4787 or use our convenient online contact form to make an appointment.