We Can Draft The Power Of Attorney You Need

A power of attorney is a necessary element of any estate plan. Even if you believe an estate plan is not really necessary, you should have power of attorneys in the event you should become incapacitated, because incapacity is something that can happen to anyone. Simply put, a power of attorney authorizes someone else (an agent) to act on your behalf. A power of attorney may be for a single transaction (like a real estate closing) or for broader issues, like paying your bills and managing your affairs.

Our lawyer at The Law Office of Carrie T. Schilling can help you to determine the type and nature of powers of attorney you need and create the legal documents that will serve your goals. Some may attempt to use documents copied from the internet or other sources, but that is rarely a good idea. If there is a mistake or error, it won't be found until the power is needed or invoked and by then, it will be too late to correct it.

Financial Power Of Attorney

A financial power of attorney allows your agent to manage your financial affairs. This power should be granted by a durable power of attorney, as that means it remains valid once you are incapacitated. A general power of attorney expires if you suffer an incapacity, so it would not be useful in this circumstance.

A durable power of attorney can be a useful instrument to assist adult children in caring for their aging parents. It is critical that you obtain such authority prior to their loss of capacity resulting from the effects of a stroke or conditions like Alzheimer's or dementia

In addition to specific limitations we can make as part of your power of attorney grant, your agent is under a fiduciary obligation to handle your affairs in a responsible and prudent manner, but you should always choose carefully, and pick someone of integrity and trustworthiness.

Medical Power Of Attorney

In Texas, a medical power of attorney grants an individual (the agent) the authority to make decisions for you (the principle) concerning your health care and medical treatment. We can help discuss the topics you may want to include in this document. The authority to make these decisions only occurs after a doctor has certified that you are unable to make a decision on your own (legal incompetency).

You may revoke these powers at any time, and there are additional limits on the authority of the agent. Our lawyer will explain the details and help to personalize your power of attorney to help your agent in fulfilling your wishes.

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