Experienced Help Drafting Wills In Texas

A will is an important component of an estate plan. A last will and testament provides instruction to a court indicating your final wishes for the disposition of any property in your estate at your death. Depending on your estate, a substantial amount of property may be transferred this way, or very little.

Every will is different, as no two people have exactly the same situation or goals. Our attorney at The Law Office of Carrie T. Schilling can help you determine what estate plan and will works best for your needs.

Avoid Intestate Succession

If you die without will in Texas, your estate will pass via what is known as intestate succession. The legislature has created a template that provides a means of passing your assets to heirs. However, it is a "one size fits all" plan, and it may not be ideal for your situation.

Our lawyer can explain different options that are available if you create a comprehensive estate plan, including a will, trusts and powers of attorney. Even a basic plan of this type is preferable to allowing assets to pass intestate.

A Will That Fits Your Estate Planning Goals

Many people create an estate plan that eliminates many if not all assets in their estate. A will still can serve a useful purpose by designating a guardian for your minor children, which is essential for all parents.

It is also a good way to specify who should receive your personal property. Personal property is the physical goods you own, including clothing, furniture, artwork, guns, jewelry and any other items that might be of little monetary value, but may have strong sentimental value within your family.

Prevent Conflict

It is often surprising how certain items like grandma's wedding ring or your father's favorite hunting rifle can generate very strong feelings among potential heirs. This can especially be true if more than one child believes they were "promised" the item.

Don't let this happen in your family. A will can be used to designate exactly who receives each item of your personal property. And sharing this information ahead of time can help set expectations and diminish the likelihood of future conflict.

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